A clearer overview/Explanation
To begin,

On the manual you will find the QR code to quickly find via Android or Apple WiimPod.

Or manually via:
Open Play Store on Android or open App Store on Apple
search for WiiMPod and install it, see image 1

After installing, power up the Hall-Wifi-Streamer and then let the App search, See 3
Side view,

1. Reset
2. Optical Input

Rear end,

3. RJ45 Audio input/output.
4. HDMI-ARC Input.
5. Powersupply USB.


6. I.R.
Left the led light
Included with the set,

1 X HDMI cable from 50 cm to 1 meter long color black (not shown in the picture)
1 X RJ45 to 2 X Din8 Female
1 X Power Cable with Loose Adapter
1 X Remote Control Without Batteries (2 X AAA Required)
1 X Quick guide with QR code to download the App Android/Apple
English manual find you here
set comes in the original HallAudio packaging
After installing the App and adding the Hall-Wifi-Streamer in the software program, you can connect the RJ45 connector and connect your powerlink cable to the 2 DIN8-Female connector of the RJ45 cable
What can you do with this Hall-Wifi-Streamer?
If you move away from a B&O TV to which your BeoLab speakers were connected,
you will soon run into many problems,
how do I connect my BeoLab speakers to my new TV?

Current TVs are only equipped with HDMI connections or 1 optical-out.

With this Hall-Wifi-Streamer you buy a small box to which several connections are possible,
the most important thing is the connections of your BeoLab speakers.
You can connect 2 BeoLab speakers via the supplied RJ45 to 2 X Din8 Female,
Of course you can also simply transfer the BeoLab, if necessary.
The box has an internal 5 v power supply to switch the BeoLabs on and off, in fact as B&O also uses.

Via this connection it is also possible to connect older music systems from B&O with a powerlink connection to the box, simply with a powerlink cable.

If this box, with your BeoLab speakers, is connected to your new TV via the HDMI-ARC connection, you will see that when you switch on the TV, the speakers switch on and play the sound of your TV, if you switch off the TV also go the beolab off.

Through the App you can also use TuneIn, which is a radio streaming service, all Dutch radio programs can be found on this platform.
When you click on a radio station, your BeoLabs turn on and you listen to the Internet radio via TuneIn, the TV just stays off.

If you want to stream via spotify/qubuz or Tidal, you can do that from the same app.

a sonos connect can be connected to the digital input (optical), which has OPTICAL-OUT, and the WiFi streamer optical-in.
This can be accessed via the App, or via the remote control.

Below you see details of the box and explanation of the App,
however, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.
Link naar de nederlandse website
Press open and the program will search, when it finds the Hall-Wifi-Streamer press SETUP DEVICE see fig. 3
The Hall-Wifi-Streamer will make contact via the App and the streamer.
In the next screen, select your Wifi name and enter its code.
If successful you will see the following screen
Then firmware check
You can give your proper name to the streamer, and where it is located.
If everything is successful you will see this screen with the streamer in view, here you can see the volume, LR you can set the speakers to Right or Left, or Stereo (LR) and a button for the options of this streamer
This is the options screen, where you can change various settings.
If you see this on the screen, you can listen to internet radio via TuneIn or stream via streaming services.
You can switch the buttons on or off via Add More Service.
You can also select the inputs via the App,
Line In
Also connect the HDMI-ARC cable to the TV

When you switch on the TV, the connected BeoLabs will also switch on, you can now adjust the volume via the remote control of the TV itself.

If you decide to listen to the internet radio via TuneIn, select this in the app, the TV will switch off and the sound can then be controlled via the app, or the volume on which the app is installed, mobile phone or tablet.

When using Spotify, the Hall WiFi streamer can also be selected frequently in the program, for convenience, it can also be used from within the WiiMPod program.

*often a username and password is required to stream via spotify or other streaming service.
A remote control is used with the Hall-Wifi-Streamer, here you can see the explanation of this control
1. On and Off button
2. Muting, instantly turn down the sound.
3. Volume Up
4. Previous Song
5. Next Song
6. Play / Pause
7. Volume Down
8. Bass Up
9. Hightone Up
10. Switches to Wifi-Bluetooth-LineIn-HDMI-Optical
11. Bass Down
12. High Tone Down
This Hall-Wifi-Streamer is suitable for multiroom, so you can install multiple Streamers in the App and make them work together, see the explanation of our manufacturer below.
These Hall-Wifi-Streamer can you order from the shop,